Google TV Browser Not Able to Connect to Tablo

It is able to see Tablo TV but when I choose to connect, it keeps failing and says it will try to reconnect in 5 seconds. I’ve left it on the screen for 15 minutes without any success.

Using the default Chrome browser on Google TV.

@vapor, when this happens to me I do the following:

1 - from the “Connect to Tablo” page, I click on “Delete"
2 - if the page doesn’t automatically re-scan I select “Re-scan” from the drop down menu
3 - I then select my Tablo from the list
4 - I click on the"Connect” button

My Tablo will then re-sync and everything works fine.  I have only had to do this 2 or 3 times since setting up my Table.  Support had suggested these steps to me the first time that I had the issue you are explaining.

Thanks for th suggestion icampell but doesn’t seem to work.

I would follow the steps and it would still show up

Connection could not be established.
Retrying in seconds…

There is a cancel button below the text above. After waiting a couple if minutes, I would click cancel and then follow your steps to delete, rescan and add the Tablo but the cycle repeats itself.

Any other suggestion? Also which Google TV are you using?

@vapor - Have you had it run successfully on the Google TV before? What version of Chrome is it running? 

I’ve never been successful in getting it to work at all unfortunately. I’m travelling for the next couple of days so won’t have access to my Google TV but it is a the Sony NSZ-GS7 running the latest firmware. 

@vapor - This isn’t something we tested or planned on supporting. There may be an issue with the embedded version of Chrome. When you get back drop a note to support and we’ll take a closer look at it.

I can confirm that Chrome built into the Google TV Sony Blu Ray player isn’t working either. The Sony model name is NSZ-GT1.  I can’t figure out how to get the Chrome version to display.

If the ‘embedded’ version of Chrome these boxes are using is ancient (which is sometimes the case) or adulterated, that may be the issue. 

I know the OS on the box is based on Android 3.2, but I couldn’t find any “about” info for the browser.  If the app ever gets ported that far back in ANdroid we could pick it up that way.

@jbanks25 - That’s unlikely unfortunately. The older versions of Android lack the right kind of media player support. 

Gotcha.  That particular device was slated to be replaced by a Roku (or similar) anyway.  Google pretty much abandoned it…  Early adopter problems.  :)

@vapor @TabloTV  So I stumbled on a fix (at least for me) on this issue that allows me to not retire my google TV.  Just by chance today while I was watching a recording on my ipad I noticed the airplay box was present.  I thought it strange since I don’t have an Apple TV.  When I hit the airplay button it said “Living Room” which is what I named my Google TV in the living room (Creative right).  Anyway, I hit the button, and sure enough the ipad cast to the Google TV and played perfectly.

So I have confirmed that an iPad running the Tablo app can cast to a NSZ-GT1 running google tv.  So, congratulations on your new accidental compatibility.  A quick google search online yielded that an iPad can cast to an asus cube running google tv as well, so I will be curious with your results casting to Google TV Vapor (if you have an iPad).  

I’m getting a chromecast stick later today, and I’m interested to see if this will have similar results…  If it doesn’t work, I’ll be casting off of my Chromebook.

Cool! Glad you found a new way to use your Tablo! 

A bit of an old thread, but have a related question. With the new Google TV device out yesterday, will Tablo be supported on it? I’m likely going to be replacing my Rokus with this. I’ll have one in a couple days and respond if no one has one yet. Since there’s a Tablo Playstore app, I’m assuming it will work.

Us too but we don’t have one yet to confirm.

Came here wondering the same thing. Mine arrives on 10/3… will post results if you haven’t already.

After a few weeks Tablo works great on the new Chromecast with GTV.

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Ours has arrived as well so we can include it in our regular testing.

Love my Tablo in the main room, so trying to cast the recordings to the bedroom. Upgraded my old chromecast to the new google tv, and bought an android tablet to cast from…since I am an Apple person. The recordings are casting but no volume. What am I missing?

You should be able to set up tablo on the google tv apps with the remote without needing to cast. If you have no sound, make sure the “surround sound” box is unchecked in your tablo set up. If the tv won’t support surround sound, you won’t get sound at all. good luck