Google Home, Assistant, and API

Finally had some time to read about the fun things from Google today and I know there’s a big Android TV/Google Cast population on the forums. The thing that got me the most excited was Google Home and the integration of Google Assistant.

Looks like there will be open options for developers starting in December:

I’d love to see the day that I can say “Ok, Google, turn on ABC on the family room TV.” or “… what’s on TV tonight?” and added integration with the Tablo to make it happen.

I know there’s a Tablo API. Any chance @TabloTV would be open to fan developed Android app? I would love to work on this.

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@orpheus - If you’re game to tinker, pop me a PM and we can get you an NDA and start the process of adding you to the 3rd party developer team.

This can be done if Tablo develops integration with IFTTT

Yes, just getting into home assistant and it would be nice to be able to integrate Tablo into the mix. I have some programming experience is this API available?

Not to discount tablo. Have you checked out Amazon Recast? No reinventing required.