Google Chrome: Manual Schedule Problem - Testers Needed

Need someone to try this to recreate the problem I’m having (Do in this exact order)

(Using Windows 10)

Using Google Chrome, Go to the “Scheduled” section within Tablo.

Click the “+” sign to 'Schedule Manual Recording"

Click “Just Once” option

Enter anything you want under “Title”

Select any channel you want

Under “When”, choose any day in the future.

Now the ‘problem’: When entering a time for the recording, single-click the hour in the time box (when you single-click the hour, it will highlight the hour automatically in ‘blue’). With you keyboard, type in an hour with the NUMBER “0” in front of it: example “04… 07, etc”… and you will see the time will turn into different numbers than what you’re typing… and the date will automatically, by itself, change back to the current day.

Need someone else to test this to see if this is a wide-spread problem. Thanks.

I did your steps and was able to recreate the issue.

It looks like the Tablo programmer tried to make it easy on the user by allowing the user to just enter a single digit number for the hour rather than have to enter a zero first. So as long as you don’t enter a zero first, it works as intended (and you can enter 1…0, ,1…1, or 1…2 just fine).

There are two bugs on this page.

  1. If you enter a zero first on the hour field, it resets both the date and time fields to defaults.
  2. If you enter a 1 and something other than 0,1, or 2, it subtracts 12 from the total value. So 13 becomes 1, 14 is 2, up to 19 becoming 7.

The workaround is to avoid numbers that set off this bugs, though it should be an easy fix for the developer.

Yup, it has done that for awhile, changes the date if you enter a 0 in the hour field. I noticed it several months ago. You have to use the up/down arrows to change the hour, or type in the hour without a 0, 7 O’clock would be 7, not 07, for example. Probably best to input the date last, or double check it after you input the time.

Thanks. Glad it wasn’t just me. Hopefully they’ll get a fix for it.

Hey folks - QA has confirmed this and has passed the details along to the web team. Tx for flagging this!

Thanks for you help!