Good product but lost connection each 5 minutes

Good product but i have a good internet connection with videotron but it always disconnect or sync at each 5 min. I try with wi-fi and ethernet cable and that make the same thing. I have it since one day, i will try something this week if it’s not improved i will replace by the channel master dvr +. Too bad because it seems like to be a good product but the connection with internet is difficult :(.

When you say “internet” are you talking about accessing your Tablo from a remote location? If you are only accessing Tablo on your internal network, the internet has nothing to do with it. If you are interested in watching your TV from a remote location you won’t have any luck with Channel Master as their product does not have this feature available.

By my network with antenna outdoor.

OK, since that is the case your internet connection has nothing to do with this issue. I would check the IP address Tablo is getting and see if something else on your network might be trying to take that IP. An IP conflict can explain why Tablo keeps dropping off your network. Now there is no way to specify an IP address in Tablo but you should be able to reserve an IP address for Tablo’s MAC address within your router to make sure no other device takes that IP.

Yeah it makes sense that is a IP conflict, i will check how to reserve IP to the Tablo.

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Don’t hesitate to give our support team a shout if you need help.

Ok thank you!!