Getting tablo setup screen on 1 tv only

All was fine until yesterday. For some reason I can find now when I open tablo on my office TV it only goes to the setup welcome to tablo screen. It is working fine on my other 3 tv

I have rebooted mt tv, tablo and router
I have removed the app from my Roku tv and added back
I have factory reset my Roku tv
I have verified on the same wireless network
I have checked for upgrade on both TV and Roku

Tv info
TCL 43s425
Software 12.5.5 build 4174-93
Tablo app software 0.8 build 500

4th gen

Anything other than factory reset of tablo to try?

I know you said the TV is on the same network… but is it perhaps on the guest network?

Guest networks won’t allow device-to-device communication so it wouldn’t be able to ‘see’ your Tablo.

No, not on guest network. Thanks

Just to confirm, are you able to check the signal strength of that 1 Roku TV within the router?

Is this all that uncommon. If the app barfs while phoning home it can get in this state. I always thought it was some state setting on the tablo server. I usually just use the Roku okay button to see where it goes. Happened 2 weeks ago.

Well… Seems everytime I give up my trouble shooting and ask for help the issue resolves itself…

All is good now. Thank you all for your time and input.