Getting recordings from Tablo to Plex

I’m making a few assumptions in the title alone :slight_smile:

Is Plex still the best place to archive (for want of a better word) multimedia?

If so, is Tablo Ripper the best way to go about that?

Are there better alternatives for moving recordings to infrastructure that can be backed up and have redundant media such as raid?

I have Synology NAS with spare capacity and I’m thinking of getting stuff off the Tablo’s hard drive faster, just to provide alternatives for when my Tablo fails next time. Also, might be an interesting project in my free time. And perhaps a unified interface for when I am faced with the inevitable disruption that will come with ATSC3

yes, that’s for backup - then jump through a few hoops to restore. I’d rather jsut go one way - and if that’s transcoding, then I’m OK with that.

Also, it requires Linux and I’m not good with that.

The “best way to go” is the way that best meets your needs! Asking what’s best implies the others are bad or inferior. They wouldn’t exist if the was something wrong with other options.

You specifically asked about backup - better alternative …can be backed up. It’s better in that it’s specifically for backup.

Oh, then you only get good enough and Tablo Ripper or mobile.

Now I recall why I don’t hang out here.


I archive to hard drive, and play through plex. I personally use my tool APLTablo to export and remove commercials…and then I play them through Plex…maybe in the future I won’t use plex, but who knows. Tablo Ripper and Tablo Exporter both worked well for me when I first got my Tablo, but I wrote my own because I didn’t want to be using two different tools

I think transcoding is the way to go so that the file is portable to whatever player you want to use.

Don’t let one or two speak for all of us. :slight_smile:

There is quite a lot useful information and discussion here.

Yes, these is a whole bunch of useful information available in Tablo Community User’s Forums.

But tossing a bunch of big fancy terms out… getting unhappy when you don’t like the answers to your big fancy terms… isn’t everyone else’s fault.

inevitable disruption?? to voluntary ATSC3?

How will 3.0 two way communication work via DVR?