Getting Player Error 503

I have a Tablo Dual Lite (version 2 I think) model TDNS2B-01-CN.

I’m getting this message: “Player Error Could not complete request (503)”.

In troubleshooting, I finally figured out if I disconnect the Seagate 2TB USB drive it goes back to working fine. My assumption is the drive has just gone bad and I need to buy a replacement. Does that sound right?

Thanks in advance.

It’s worth touching base with support for some additional troubleshooting to see if the drive can be saved or if something else might be at play:

Just to follow up in in case someone else stumbles upon this … at least for me, a new external USB drive fixed the problem.

Interestingly, I hooked the old supposed-bad drive up to one of my windows PC’s and and was able to reformat it and it’s now working fine in the Windows environment.

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Years ago a USB drive on my Tablo just wasn’t working right, so I replaced with another drive (SSD) and no more problems.

Same as you I connected the swapped out (“bad”) drive to a Windows PC, still running good. I didn’t think of it at the time, but it may have been power related (weak Tablo power supply or the hard drive drawing more than nominal power?).