Getting kicked out

I am not able to access app remotely. It says I need to change ports, but I get kicked out of app when I try to change them. Very frustrating that I cannot watch things I have recorded.

Are you able to access the Tablo locally (or is anyone at home able to)? If so, try selecting the ‘Re-test port mapping’ button, or toggling the feature off and on to see if it resolves the issue.

Yes we are able to connect on tv’s in home with the tablo. Just are not able to access through an app on ipad or iphone. When I am asked to change ports - i get kicked out of app. How do i retest the port mapping?

Hi @Merlinjp, so just to confirm, on your iPhone/iPad are you able to connect to your Tablo while at home? You will need to do that at least once to create a pairing between your device and your Tablo at home.

Then while still at home, try going to the Tablo Connect section in the menu, click ‘Disable Tablo Connect’ (if you have it on) and then ‘Enable Tablo Connect’. It will automatically retest the port mapping for you and if successful, will work without you needing to enter any ports.