Getting kicked out while watching TV

My Tablo as been acting terribly lately, up to a point where my wife does not want to use it anymore.

for a while now she had to go 3 times in the Roku app before she could watch someting, everytime she would try to watch live TV, she would get kicked out of the apllication, then it would be OK on the fourth time.

This morning, I could not even use it, I am getting kicked out all the time, now my wife does not want to use it anymore and I connected the antenna directly to the TV. I am up to a point where my wife want the cable back

while watching something it would sometime stop rewind a bit and play a bit, then rewind again and play.

Roku and Tablo are hard wired directly to the router and are running the latest software

I have that occasionally too on our 4200 Roku 3s. Kicks us right back to the Roku home screen as soon as we select something to watch and we have to start over. Don’t recall exactly whether it’s live or recorded or which happens more frequently so I don’t want to guess but it does happen. Both of these Rokus are hardwired. Not nearly as often as you describe but frustrating.

Before deciding between return to cable or divorce try the Nexus Player.



Did you try rebooting the Roku and/or the Tablo (or even your router)? Could be just a case of a kick in the pants to get it all working properly again.

Which Roku model? 4200? Anything older than that the Tablo channel wasn’t designed for.

The 4200 was released in March 2013 in case any one is wondering what I mean by “old”.

This happens to me on my Roku 4 with Tablo and and Sling TV. It has never occurred on my Nvidia Shield tv. Roku3 just do not pay well with certain apps fir some reason.

sure did, tablo was reset 3 times, roku once, did not reset the router has everything else is good, I watched live TV on my Roku using Plex and that is working, but the Tablo app does not work with the Roku, i get kicked out constantly now

Nexus Players have been around $50. NP is THE BEST for Tablo. I have Roku 3 and Roku 4 and Fire TV Stick also.

Roku 3 is a 4200x and was bought because this is what they where suggesting

A few of us have Roku and have gotten a NP because we got tired of the Roku problems. Others who have both, please put your opinion.

I suppose NP is better, but what are the remaining problems

That;s the same model Roku I have. When you say “getting kicked out”, do you mean you get the purple Roku home screen? I get that too, but on a rare occasion, (maybe once a week if that). I think getting the purple home screen means the Roku programme is crashing.

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I do get out of the Tablo application completely once in a while, but now I just cannot watch live TV right now. It plays for 10 secondes then go to the Tablo schedule

It looks like the Nexus player is sold out everywhere.
Is the Apple player buggy too with the Tablo

There is no standalone Apple TV player yet. Only available via AirPlay.

I use the Plex tablo plug in and it works flawlessly for me

Hello Z06gal
You use Plex tablo client on your apple TV?
You also need a server for Plex right

Yes. I have Plex running on a MacPro.

The thing with plex is that you need a server, I use Plex too, the server runs on my laptop, but if my laptop is in sleeping mode, then I have no access.

The thing with Google Nexus devices is that they make a certain amount of devices, then it get discontinued. My wife has a Nexus 10, battery replavement are hard to find (some people have ordered them only to find that some of them are used).

Apple on the other end have a good reputation, Apple decide what is available on their devices, but if they work good, I have no problem with that.

I am tired of experimenting with new devices that are buggy (I feel like I am playing with something like Windows 95).

I want something solid

first option is going back with cable, $$$ but stable
second option Tivo seems very stable from the review I saw, but 15$/month for the subcription is a little steep
third option NP player, but they are out of stock, so not a good option
fourth option buy an Apple TV, $ use the plex app (and use an old PC has a server) and wait for the native app to arrive hoping it will be stable!