Getting intermittent playback errors on FireTV

Overall my Tablo experience has been good. Lately I have been getting playback errors from FireTV. I’m pretty sure this isn’t reception or signal strength related. It doesn’t happen often perhaps once or twice in an evening’s TV watching. When it has happened I have tested connectivity with the PC app on Chrome, and everything plays just fine. This only occurs on my TV fed from an Amazon Fire TV streaming box (not stick).

My setup: Tablo wired Ethernet, FireTV wired Ethernet, 2nd Fire TV WiFi 5GHz N, PC wired Ethernet.

A restart of the FireTV seems to clear the situation up for a couple of days, then the playback errors return. I’m starting to think that the Android OS behind the Fire TV is having memory leak issues.

My Fire TV experience WAS horrid…until…I uninstalled the legacy Tablo Player. I uninstalled the Tablo app on the Fire Stick and during reinstall I was prompted to uninstall the old player as it was “no longer necessary.” Once I reinstalled the app, everything started to work, FINALLY. I’m so happy with it now.

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