Getting "Error: Weak Signal" message using new Roku app

@tablosupport Using a Roku 1 with version 6.2 and build 3318. I experienced my first “Error: Weak Signal” message using the new app while trying to watch Live TV.  I had just finished watching a recording where it went the full five extra minutes into the next show and when finished it automatically took me back to the episode page.  I deleted the episode, used the back arrow to get to Live TV an selected the news to watch where I got that message. Went to Roku Home and started over but no difference. I then went to my recordings, selected a show to watch and it started to play just fine.  

Not that I have a problem with either (and it seems no one else who’s mentioned this does for that matter) but are you finding it’s referring to wifi or antenna signal? I have to think it’s antenna since it’s only happening on Live TV and since my laptop could stream the Live TV signal during this it has to be a Tablo problem working with Roku.  And I’m sure there will be those who call this a Roku problem but actually my Roku works fine for everything else I use it for, thank you.  

And started this thread as I can’t stand reading through page after page of things that aren’t related to a particular topic.  I think it helps to keep things separated.  Wish they had a monitor to move things and keep the posts relevant to the title as well as a way to search titles/threads.  Glad the platforms are separated.

wrong thread so deleted text

TabloSupport is aware and looking into a fix, see their post here:

@theuser86 Thanks but note my error message is different than the thread you provided.   Never have had a tuning problem but an “A” for effort there.   And another way my problem is different is that no re-booting is necessary.  After letting it sit for a bit and going to the Roku Home screen and starting over so far has allowed the Tablo to begin streaming Live TV.

@mullermj - Your actually looking for this thread.

@roraniel Thanks. Seems the poster missed the Roku thread. Still don’t see any support from Tablo though. And I’m feeling lucky I’m not forced to reboot anything.

@mullermj - Tablo just asked for help troubleshooting this issue in the other thread. They need someone who can contact them while it is happening so they can remote into the Tablo while it is happening.

Getting Tablo to actually answer the phone when you call is far between calls.  I’ve called LOTS of times, but only ONCE actually got someone to answer.  If you are going to help them troubleshoot a problem, request a DIFFERENT number to call on if you really want to talk to them.  I would think Tablo would be willing to do that.

Thanks for the heads up. I sent them an invite and will be sure to figure out another way to connect with them.

We have a few different numbers and they’re all on our website :slight_smile:  The support line can be a bit busy as our team works on helping other customers.