Getting a Checking Connection error message occasionally when trying to watch a recording on new app

@tablosupport I’m using a Roku 1 with version 6.2 and build 3318 and sometimes after selecting the recorded episode I intend to watch it will start to load and then I get a message of Checking Connection on a grayish screen and then it just goes back to the select episode screen.  This error will continue to occur until I select Home on the Roku remote and start all over. This has happened twice since downloading the new app. Can’t say I’ve seen this mentioned in any previous posts.  Any idea if the developers are working on it or even aware of it? Thanks.

@tablosupport Just got this same message again this afternoon.

@mullermj We’re looking into this now. The only time we’ve been able to reproduce this in testing was during a ‘bump’ or brief loss of connectivity to the router. Any chance this could’ve happened on your network?

I’m not technically savvy enough to rule it out but it is happening all of a sudden and only noticeable watching TV using Tablo via Roku 1.