Get rid of "You're Watching" at the top of Android/Fire devices


As of right now, this feature is broken or just plain buggy.

It seems to only appear at the top of my screen randomly. Most often, when the app has crashed and rebooted while playing something.

At the top of my screen, I still have an offer to continue playing back a recording I made as a test. This recording is DELETED. Even after deleting the recording, I have viewed other channels and watched a different recording. Yet, this is still at the top of my screen:

An obvious error occurs when I click on it:

If this is a feature of the app, it should be available when I back out of a recording or live show. However, the app doesn’t seem to work this way and I only see this message when the app has sent me back to the home screen after a reboot.

I suggest removal because it’s apparent that the Tablo cannot keep track of what I’ve deleted, or what I’m actually watching. It is a great feature to add when it’s working, but right now, it’s just a reminder of every time my Tablo app crashes.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve passed this along to the engineering team.

Thank you!

I do find that it could be useful, and it is worthy of trying to fix, it’s just not ready. There are other bigger things for them to work on and improve right now without adding/fixing small features such as this.

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