Get One Month of Tikilive TV for $5.99

TikiLive Premium plan offers a ton of channels for $29.99, you can get a full month today for $5.99. Channel lineup covers all bases (news, sports, entertainment, etc.) along with 25 music channels. It’s a bit of an oddity, you can only install & watch on one device. I tried this a few months back and had some fun with it. Here’s the Premium Channel Lineup:

Here’s how you get a month for Six bucks: Go to BestBuy, order this (clearance) remote for $5.99 and you get a free month of TikiLive with your purchase. Once you’ve picked up your order, you’ll get an email with discount code and signup link.

It works, I tried this with an 8-dollar remote a few months ago. Best Buy is offering this with many remotes, not all of them. This is the least expensive one today. No rush here, if you miss out on this, you’ll easily find another cheap / qualifying remote later on, anywhere from 12-14 dollars.

After using this for a month, I realized that Tikilive was not my best choice for a primary streaming source, but it was lot of fun goofing around with it, a fun and very inexpensive experiment.