Get a New 4K Fire TV Stick for $29 / $34

Through Amazon’s Trade-in program. I dug an old (1st generation) Chromecast out of a pile of old junk / stuff, sent it off to Amazon and got credit for $2.99 on the trade. Free money, as I hadn’t used the thing for several years (they paid the shipping).

Here’s the good part: When you buy a new 4K Fire Stick or a Fire TV Cube (with All-New Alexa Voice Remote), they dump a coupon into your Cart - $20 discount for the Stick, $35 for the Cube. I chose the Fire Stick and they still credited the $2.99 in addition to the discount.

So I got a Fire Stick 4K for $29.99. I need this like I need a hole in the head, but it will make a nice little present for somebody this Christmas season. I knew nothing about this Trade-in program, this was a good (surprising) experience for me.

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Canada or Trump land?

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US, I don’t know if they do this on I didn’t even know they did this at all, until last week.

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I wonder if I can trade in my gen 2 Fire TV Stick and get a $29 credit for a non-Amazon device? That would be wonderful.

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They are actually selling this in Canada.

They are selling the 4K stick, yes but I don’t think they are doing this trade-in program? I thought this was Amazon US only.

But at this price / deal?

Doesn’t look like they’re doing the trade-in thing here.

To be fair, they haven’t sold a lot of older models here.

Any old Roku, apple or Chromecast will work. Even an old Roku SD from the stone ages. Here’s a list of eligible trade in products.

It’s on sale for $35 right now, great price for a 4K streaming device, particularly when you consider the integrity with which it is built. Found this interesting Teardown last week:

This is a Black Friday price, looks like you can get it with an Echo Dot for $59 as well, don’t know how long these prices are good for but I’m sure they’ll come up with other nice deals as we head into black Friday.

Went back up to $49 on Amazon, but interestingly, QVC has them for $39 or two for $74. Echo Dot is still $20 off, at $29 (just four dollars more than Black Friday price).

As of this morning, you can get a 4K Fire Stick for $29. First, go to QVC and put one in your shopping cart. It’s listed at $39. During checkout process, enter the Coupon Code: TEN4U and that will bring it down to $29, which is less than Amazon itself.

Free Shipping on this, so (again) it’s even better than a non-Prime Amazon order.

*** Edited to change (erroneous) “QFC” to “QVC”.

Just $24.99 at Best Buy right now, or you can get the standard stick for $14.99, which comes with the upgraded voice remote.

There’s also a Recast for $129 and a 50" Fire Edition TV by Insignia for $249.

Yes, this is a great promotion if these are your choice! Fire Edition TV, unbelievable affordable! Here’s the whole story… just in case


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