Genres in TV / Movie Section

You know when you get the home page and the top right, you can go to TV and Movies.

Then it will have a drop-down box for Showing Now, Genres, Per channel.

Some of the Genres are super weird. Some of duplicated of lower case words and capital letters, but the same word. science fiction and Science Fiction. the lower case word will have 1 show in it while the upper case word has 100.

Then we have the “consumer” section that shows Prostate Pill Infomercials and Weight loss pills infomercials. Like, is that really needed? It’s almost laughable.

Then you have “babysitter” and “single mothers” or “cheerleader”… all in all, this sounds like a 16-year-old kid’s pr0n searches.

Is this on purpose? I think it needs to be cleaned up a bit. It just seems wreckless. Not a huge issue. I tend to narrow my searches down by genre. My 20-year-old son literally said, “Yo, Pops, what were you searching for?!?” I was like… It ain’t my searches, it’s statically assigned genres. LOL.

I think it would just make more sense to clean it up. It honestly looks like it’s some automatic script that scrapes keywords from the guide and puked it over in the genre section.

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I think this is controlled by what the channels provide as movie/show categories. (I believe an OG user explained this to me once…)

Not sure how much Tablo can control this, but it would be nice if the ones split by capitalization (Science fiction / Science Fiction) could be thrown into a single section.

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Oh, ok - figured it was so type of automatic output of data.

But it would be nice to tighten it up a bit.

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Again, all speculation. But if you record something and check back later, those same tags will be in the description somewhere (I can’t think ATM where in Roku, but on Android you can also see this while playing a movie.)

Oh wow, say what?! LOL! I missed this when I first read your comment.

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