Gen4-ioS app-How do you jump to a future date?

Hi. I have the new Tablo Gen4, using the iOS app. If, say, it’s now Thursday and I want to record something, say, on Sunday…I currently have to do a whole lot of horizontal scrolling to finally get to the new date so I can select the show I’d like to record. Is there anyway to speed the process? (I’m hoping I’m missing some shortcut like pressing and holding on the current day shown in the LiveTV section and maybe seeing a popup of coming days so I can jump immediately to the desired date to set my future recording.) Thanks!

if you are using a Roku, click on the box with 4 small boxes in the live channel guide and that allows you to jump to a future day. Fire TV works the same way. Doesn’t seem to be the same option on IOS, maybe it is coming.

Thanks. I’m using it on an iPadMini (iOS)…and I don’t see the box with 4 small boxes. But, like you said, I hope it’s coming. (Hope you’re listening Tablo!)