Gen 4 with Roku TCL

I just upgraded my legacy Tablo to a Gen 4 box. I access it on a Roku TCL TV. I’ve noticed that the Roku app has some issues. It seems to crash or hang occasionally and scrolling through items is very sluggish. It caused a crash that forced a reboot of my TV.

The only other hardware I use is an attached USB drive used on the previous Tablo.

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?

No answers for you, but I hope you get your issues worked out as my TV’s a all TCL/ROKU.
I have a legacy Quad that works.
I know some have no issues, but IMO the Gen 4, with all the reported issues, is not an upgrade at this time for me.
Hopefully someday it will be…

I also have a TCL Roku TV (model 32S327) that observed the same navigation slowness, frequently resulting in crashes. These problems, and many other bugs, disappeared when I upgraded to Tablo Roku App version: 0.8 Build 500 - 734366 and Tablo Firmware version: 2.2.50. I also found that some of the navigation slowness was due to poor button activation of the Roku remote. I tried to clean the remote, but found little improvement. Finally, I bought a new remote which worked much better.

However, there is still one bug with the TCL Roku software. if the (usually OTA) signal has the slightest signal problem, then on recording playback the video freezes at that point in the program. The audio contues for a few minutes, then it also stops and the status bar is at the end of the program. I had an old Roku Streaming Stick that I placed into the HDMI1 connector and set the TV to startup on HDMI1. The problem disappeared. I was hoping that when I updated the Roku OS software to 13.0.0 the problem would go away but it made no change. Also, the update to Tablo Firmware 2.2.52 made no difference. So I’m still starting up on HDMI1 with the Roku Streaming Stick. With that configuration the Tablo operation is, basically, bug free.

I have 5 Roku tvs. 1 TLC and 4 Phillips ( bought them on sale for $27 from Walmart on Black Friday deal )

They all kinda sluggish in general compared to my ultra. Tablo runs on it, tad slow, but works.

Have you updated the Tablo to the latest?

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Thanks for all the replies thus far. My Roku TCL and Tablo are fully up to date. Here’s an additional problem I’ve noticed.

When I start the Tablo app after not using it for a while, I get a message telling me that it cannot find a Tablo device. It tells me I need to complete the setup I’ve already done. If I exit the app and restart it several times, eventually, it finds my Tablo and displays the content. And, in case anyone asks, I’m running an Eero mesh network that has worked flawlessly with my previous device.

As a Roku channel developer, this reeks of bugs in the Tablo app code. I hope someone from Tablo is looking into these issues.

Nah bruh… it works for many people.

If your Roku TV is wireless, let’s confirm you have good wireless signal to your TV. Download inSSIDer on your laptop and sit it next to your tv and see what signal levels you have.

If you have an android phone, there is a wifi analyzer app you can use too.

Anything below -70 to -73 is the start of low signal on either band.

Try to hardwire it and see if you have the same issue to confirm if it’s the wireless.

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@KimchiGUN Thanks for your feedback. However, since the only thing that has changed is a swap of the device, I find it hard to believe this is a wireless issue. The previous Tablo device, located in the same physical location, did not have the problems I am seeing.

Right, but not all wireless cards are built the same tho. I’m assuming it’s a completely different chipset.

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