Gen 4 Tablo versus Old Quad Tablo

For 2 months I have been trying to make myself accept the new 4th gen Tablo so that I could cancel the subscription renewal that is due April 10 on the old one. I have cancelled, but I’m a long way from being happy with the new version. I can’t watch a recording from the beginning that has not finished recording. This is something we have always done on the old Quad Tablo. Especially on 2 hour shows like the Voice. Being able to start watching an hour into the show and skip through the commercials is a great feature. Also frequent freeze and lock ups and other issues with the new one makes me wish I had waited another year and maybe they will have the bugs fixed.

This feature is available on the 4th gen Tablo.

Keep your sanity. Turn the legacy on and subscribed until the bugs are worked out. I mothballed my gen 4 until it works.


Depends on the device.

True. But it does work on the 4th gen Tablo.

It does not work on mine. Using Roku.