Gen 4 - switch network from ethernet to wifi?

I set up my 4th gen Tablo for ethernet.

I now want to move it to a different room in the house, so need to have the device be wifi connected.

Is there a way to move a 4th gen device from ethernet to wifi? I can’t find any way to do that.

i did the same thing (started off on ethernet).

i ended up doing a factory reset.

You might try a WiFi extender device that connects to WiFi but has a network port to allow tablo to plug in as if it is still using a network cable.

I checked with Tablo support. Here is the response I received. I’ve not tried it out yet.

If you want to switch from Ethernet to Wi-Fi, first remove the Ethernet cable from the Tablo, and then reboot the Tablo. To reboot your Tablo, press and quickly release the reset button below the Tablo box. When the Tablo’s blue LED slowly blinks, it is ready for wifi setup.

The Tablo will then boot into Wi-Fi setup mode. Instructions for this process can be found in the link:

I use the Google WIFI mesh. Each WIFI “puck” has 2 Ethernet ports. They can be purchases in a package of 3 “pucks” (Amazon has them). One replaces your Router and the other 2 can be installed in other places in your home to improve wifi coverage. Each puck has 2 Ethernet ports on them, so you can connect your Tablo device using an Ethernet cable between the puck and the Tablo device and the Tablo thinks it’s hardwired. The pucks just communicate wirelessly in their own mesh network… it works great. I use the older Google Wifi AC1200 (2020) version but Google has an updated version too - just more expensive.

Following up.

The instructions provided by Tablo support worked.

The only extra point, is that I had to clear the data cache for the Tablo app on my phone, delete the Tablo app off my phone, reboot the phone, and reinstall the Tablo app. Once I did that - this process worked, and I was able to connect my 4th gen Tablo to wifi, even though I’d originally set it up for wired ethernet.

good to know; i suspect the reason it (their instructions to switch from ethernet to wifi) didn’t work for me is that at the time i didn’t know enough to delete/reinstall the android app (which OBVIOUSLY shouldn’t be necessary).

I now know that the (android) app frequently, like every day or two, mis-behaves and it claims it can’t connect – the solution in my case has simply been to
force stop / clear cache / clear data and it’s always worked after that – no need to uninstall/reinstall.
I will say the roku TV app seems stable; I installed it once when i got the tabloTV a week or two ago and it’s been fine ever since.
the android app i’ve either deleted/reinstalled, or cleared all it’s data at least a haf-dozen times.

If I did Wifi first but then plug into ethernet will it auto recognize that ethernet connection?

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Following up.

The instructions provided by Tablo support worked.

Since my only current problem is the missing guide data when using “favorites” (which I can certainly live with, if necessary), I hesitate to play around with the Tablo much for fear of inviting more problems.