Gen 4 - swap drive

i have a gen 4 unit. over all , it’s ok. i have a 1tb drive attached and would like to swap it out without loosing my existing recordings. is this possible?

For legacy devices some used linux to clone the disk. Maybe that works for gen 4 disks. Give it a try and let us know if it works.

I’m with Zippy…
Not sure of the format of the drive, but you would need a Linux system to see if it recognizes it.
If it is Linux format, EXT 4 is most common format, but there are several others.
You would need to use something like DD to clone it.
If you will be cloning to a larger drive, then there are more steps involved as the cloned device would be the same size as the original.

My experiments with an external drive attached to a Gen 4 unit show that it is indeed formatted as ext4.

Perhaps you would like to pioneer here by experimenting with the instructions found elsewhere on this forum for cloning drives on Tablo Classic?