Gen 4 Roku guide issues (Favorites and removing channels)

I set up my new Tablo gen 4 and everything seems to be working well. I wanted to favorite a few channels through the Roku interface and only display those in the guide. So I did favorite them and I did change the filter on the guide from all channels to favorites. However, only the first favorite channel shows with content in the guide itself, the other channel content is blank (which it did show before changing the filter).
So I though I would go in and remove channels from the scanned screen to show only the ones I want. It did show guide content this way, however it was all in the wrong spots and associated with the wrong channels. It is like it lists the channels on the side correctly but still fills in the grid like all the channels are there so that it’s offset.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue.

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Sorry to hear that.

Can you send some photos or video of this to our support team?

I will this evening when I get home, thank you

Yes, I’ve seen similar behavior on Roku. When I tried to show only favorites, the grid was wrong in a way I can’t exactly recall at the moment.

Yes I am having this problem - use Roku (3 of them). Thought I had it solved by being sure all three roku where connected to the FIOS modem/router and not extender and all turned on while doing the process. I could get the one connected via ethernet to work by doing the scanning and saving from the TV and not phone app but not all three.

I’ve pre-ordered the 4 tuner so hoping this can be solved before I get that one.

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I just set up my brand new 4 gen 4 tuner Tablo (on Roku )today and I am having the same issue.

When I go into view all live channels, two weeks worth of channel guide data is visible. If I add some channels to my favorites and then go into my favorite channels, there is no channel guide data for any of those favorite channels. It just says loading data but never finishes.

It looks like it has been several months since this has been reported. Is this going to be fixed?

There was a roku 8.3 app release. It was rolled back due to some introduced bugs. Maybe some of this was fixed in that(8.03) release. Or maybe some of this will be fixed when son of 8.03 is released. Which I hope will be soon.

I having the same problem with the firestick, on fav, only shows 7 channels, the rest are blank.