Gen 4 recording on external drive issue(sometimes)

I set up my tablo gen 4 with a 2TB external drive and everything seems to work for the most part. However, last night I was watching a recording on a Roku of a show from the day before and about half way through the show the video froze but the sound kept playing. Then the video started again but the sound was now off from the picture. When this happened it also looked like it messed up the progress bar of how far into the show you are. It wanted to start from the beginning again. I tried again and this time it happened at a different point and I gave up. Has anyone experienced this issue.

Sort of similar behavior last night when watching a show recorded earlier same day. Recorded on 2TB external drive at 10-11 am; watching at 7:30 pm same day; watching on Firestick App (Firecube device).
About 7-8 minutes in, program went to blue screen with a notice of poor reception. If I hit the “Try Again” button and quickly rewind, I could go back to the beginning of the show, then FFWD just past the glitch point and let the recording proceed.

Later in the show, the behavior you described popped up – video would pixelate badly but audio would continue. In a few seconds, video would clear up but audio/video would be slightly out of sync. When the next commercial break came up and I skipped ahead, video and audio seemed to be in sync again. Went through about 7 or 8 instances of this in a 1 hour show.

Got through it, but annoying, to say the least.

Yes, new user here.

Today, we were recording on one channel, and viewing a recording via a Chromecast with Google TV. The video on the playback would last a few seconds and freeze, and the sound continued. I stopped the recording, and then all was well. I attribute this to an older tech 1TB WD hard drive (2019 vintage) that is not SSD. Considering an SSD purchase. That said, so long as I can record two channels simultaneously, I may be good!