Gen 4 Missing Guide Data

Purchased the new gen 4 Tablo to replace my HD unit. Channels scan good. But part of them show no guide data. My HD unit shows guide data for those channels so I know it exists.

I have tried different zip codes with no change. I live in Jefferson City MO. Most of the TV comes out of the Columbia area. I have tried both Jeff City Zip and Columbia Zips.

What do I need to do to get the guide data?

Did you give it enough time as I think mine took about 15 minutes for only the 1st 24 hours to fill in when I started.

If you did, then contact support directly about the listings issues.

Well, it’s been about an hour. All the other channels have at least the first 24 hours. But about 5 channels have no listing. I will give it a day and see what happens.

Try to select the channels and see if that makes it come up.

Tried that, doesn’t help. I wouldn’t mind on most of those, but one of them is one we watch quite often and really need the guide.