Gen 4 gets hot after viewing recordings

I use my Gen 4 daily and have never had issues with overheating until this past weekend. My wife and I were watching recorded movies on 2 different tv’s at the same time. When they were over we had a hard time getting the unit to respond. It was very warm to the touch and the only way it would work is for it to cool down for a couple of hours. I tried pulling the plug with a restart and restarted the fire stick a couple of time but the unit would not respond. I recently viewed a post where an individual had a fan on his unit to keep it from overheating. I will watch it closely in the future but it does seem to get overheated if you are maxing it out on viewing.

Is your Tablo in an encased setting?

Some have also turned their Tablos upside down since the vents are on the bottom. Sounds weird, IDK if it helps.

Sounds like something to keep testing and keep an eye on.

It is not encased but sitting on a wooden box Interesting suggestion, I may try to get it up off the box so the vents can get more air. Thanks

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Yes, I’ve had my 4-tuner 4th gen Tablo upside down for several weeks now. The overall case is cooler, and the TV picture isn’t upside down. I didn’t like how hot the thing felt, and noticed that the vents were on the bottom. Just for interest, I asked Tablo support if any problems might arise from putting it upside down, and the response was that would be fine :-).


Praise be to the divine non-entity for that!

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That’s the problem with having drive and processor in same small box.

I really miss all the posts from the old days. The claims that the OG units ran so hot they were contributing to global warming. Of course those users were using all forms and types of temperature gauges to measure the temperature.

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