Gen 4, 4 Tuner, Larger than 8TB?

I know it says you can add up to 8TB, but has anyone tried any larger? Like a 20TB USB?

Can’t imagine connecting something that large. From what I’ve seen it looks like a HD 2hr movie takes up about 2GB on an external drive so that would mean you’d have over 10000+ recordings to fill it. I’m pretty sure Tablo stores some critical information on the Tablo device within the system area about guide, library and recordings and they are limited in the amount of space they have or use for that stuff so you would probably run into some type of limitation as you exceed a certain amount of content, even if you could connect the drive.

We don’t recommend VERY large drives because we haven’t done a lot of testing with them. We suspect that at a certain point, the size of the database could slow things down significantly.

You mean with all the other problems, you haven’t run the gen 4 4-tuner for over 100 hours to record enough FAST channels to fill up a 20 TB drive and have auto-delete kick in.

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