Geek Alert! 4x1080 Non-Overlapping Tablo windows on 4K UHD Home Theater

I am able to drive 4 non-overlapped 1080 HD Tablo windows from my laptop to my 4K UHD home theater screen. On my 10’ (120") diagonal screen, each of these Tablo windows is a full 1080 res 60" diagonal image. I wish the Tablo app for the Roku would support this. I am now looking forward to March Madness, which would be even simpler to set up if supported directly by the Tablo app on my Roku!

I have asked Roku for this feature, but I don’t know who owns the Tablo client for the Roku…Tablo or Roku.


How much nicer it is to do things your own way when you’re not tied to proprietary devices. :+1:


That is a very cool setup.
Tablo owns/maintains the Tablo app on the Roku platform. Roku is basically just an API…

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In that case, here’s to hoping Tablo will consider this. My Roku Premier plus can drive a full 4K UHD display, and OTA signals are limited to 1080 for now. 4 panels at 1080 each fit perfectly on a 4K screen without overlap. I was consuming about 40MBit/sec of my local network (as reported by my laptop) while doing this. It was fun to watch, but managing the audio remains an issue.

I would mute the audio. Put on some tunes and enjoy a beer!

This is one feature I will truly miss due to Sony shuttering Vue? Hoping yttv will implement for March Madness!

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