Garage installation

Looking at obtaining a Tablo Dual Lite. Best reception location for the antenna is under the roof. Configuration of this house means the Tablo and hard drive will be located in the unheated garage. For my location in South Texas that means 90+ in the summer and 40s in the winter.

Anyone with something similar that can comment on system reliability under similar conditions? No option for coax, wireless will be required.

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Per @TabloTV, the safe operating temperature for Tablo is 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C) so it sounds like your garage may be pushing safe boundaries.

I have my Tablos installed near my primary TV and found that even there, with a room temperature of 68 to 72 degrees, it tended to overheat at times. I added a laptop cooling pad under the Tablos and hard drives and haven’t had any overheating problems since.

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This means you’re not allowed to route the cable into the house? Because it has nothing to do with wireless network.

Meaning the option to use a wired connection won’t be available

That likely wipes out further consideration of the Tablo in the attic. Will need to retest placement of the antenna.


I think the Tablo would be fine in the garage regarding the temperatures.
Not worried about the cold at all.
Electronics like it cold.
The heat is the main concern, but, just keep it out of direct sunlight.
If your Tablo has a spare USB port, get a USB powered fan to blow on the Tablo.
I’d be more worried about critters messing with the unit, and cables.

You can extend the antenna connection! It has no relation to a wired network connection. Your explanation seems to mix technologies.

Actually no. Only viable spot for the antenna is the attic above the garage directly under the roof. Options already exist for the antenna cable to come down into the garage. That is where the Tablo would have been placed using the wireless link to the router.

But with the temps we get here the device might be fried before the first summer season is fully underway.

But you didn’t say if you were allowed to extend the run for the antenna coax into the house - and still use the wireless network. The antenna cable could be extended and routed into the house if you have access – this would have no impact on your wireless network connection.

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I live in Texas, with a similar situation. I ran the wire down in the garage, then went directly through the wall into a bedroom, where I placed the Tablo (I actually have 2 of them), and connected them to my network. It works fine, and it stays cool. You can even fish it through the wall from the attic - try doing it in an uninsulated wall (interior wall, not between the bedroom/garage, as it is insulated).

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“Allowed to”, yes indeed. Own my house free and clear. I have no desire to crawl around under the rafters. Area over the garage has flooring allowing safe access.

Yes the antenna cable could be extended, and indeed it already would be to where I intended to locate the Tablo. Zero desire to fish lines behind the wall or to drill holes.

Effectively this thread is closed. Primary reason being the high heat experienced in the summer not ideal for a device out in the garage.

Will evaluate once again other internal locations for the antenna. Challenge being the station I really want is also the furthest away. Losing the extra 4ft of elevation makes a difference.

Need to wait a bit longer anyway. First got interested when I spotted an ad back on the 10th. Price since gone back up twice as I evaluated antenna placement options. Will likely wait for another sale to be announced.