Gaps in Guide data

First time Tablo user here. I’m using a 4-tuner Tablo along with Amazon Fire TVs, Chrome browser on PC, and also Android device. I setup the Tablo and happy to report that it received 33 channels. My zip code of 66227. However, I was only able to get Guide data for 13 of those 33 channels. What can I do to fix this?

The process is to open a support ticket listing the channels missing guide data in your zip code. Normally takes the guide provider 2-3 days to complete the update. If it runs longer, contact support for an update. In the mean time, you can try another zip code close by you to see if it has the guide data.

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@ignisuti You can send us a ticket here :slight_smile:

Thanks, but this issue appears to be resolved now.
After 1-2 days of the system being up and running, the rest of the guide data finally came through. When I created this ticket, I thought the guide had completed the download because the percentage bar in the settings menu got to 100%.