Galaxy TAB S

Hey guys, 

I’m looking at picking up a new tablet. The wife has an iPad Air that runs the Tablo app quite well. I was considering getting a Galaxy TAB S. Can somebody tell me how the Android app experience is for Tablo? I know it was a little buggy here and there but it seems to a similar experience to iOS now. Does it have similar features in terms of 20 second rewind and 30 second fastforward?


I should add I have a 7’’ Zeki Tablet (TBDG773B) running Jelly Bean (4.1.1) that has given my problems since the get-go. The Tablo app constantly crashes and even the web app gives me problems. 

Since I’m getting this to watch Tablo/Netflix I want to make sure its a smooth experience. 

If you use the new web app for Android, you get 20 sec rewind and 30 sec skip for both live tv and recorded tv.  If you use the default Tablo app, you only get those functions for recorded TV.   But if you want to use a Chromecast, you have to use the default app for now.

The new app definitely helps the Android experience.  It was frustrating not being able to do anything with live tv except pause and play, and now that roadblock is gone.

Thanks @snowcat. When you say the new web app I assume you mean the new Android app they rolled out for Droid phones? So that works on the Tablet too? There won’t be any viewing screen loss because of the larger tablet screen size?

Also, have you had any issues with the app (new or old) inexplicably crashing?

Also, no Chromecast here. I use Roku. And now with the mirroring from Android to Roku 3 that was one of the reasons I was considering the Galaxy TAB S. That and the great screen. 

Total side note, don’t get too excited about the Roku screen mirroring feature - it works but it’s not amazing, it is still in beta from my knowledge


I thought the new web apps were for smartphones? Not Tablets?

You can install them on tablets as well. It works great on my 10 inch Galaxy Tab 3.

No crashing so far, though I don’t use that tablet nearly as much as my iPad ( my son used it mostly).


On an Android tablet why use the web app? I though there is a separate Android app for the Tablets that require a minimum 7" screen.

The Android tablet app does not allow FF or REW for live TV (just recorded TV).   The web app for Android does.  It just depends on whether you want that functionality or not.

What's the difference between a web app and a native app for Android/iOS

Other than the FF and RW functionality in live TV is there any other difference in the viewing experience between the two?

In the end the viewing experience is meant to be the same, the web apps were developed for screens less than 7" aka smartphones.

Yes, the current Android tablet app doesn’t have FF or RW but I can only suppose it will soon be added to the tablet app if the web app now has this functionality.

I can’t comment on iOS web app.  The iPad app has full functionality and works great.

As for Android, when you run the web app for the first time, it will install a secondary player app as well.  The main tablet app does not do that.  And as I mentioned before, you can’t use a Chromecast with the web app yet.

I watched some live tv with the web app on my Android tablet, and it performed just as well as the tablet app.  I haven’t watched hours of tv on it, but I was satisfied with its picture and sound.

You can install both on your tablet and play around with each one (the icons are slightly different).  The databases don’t seem to talk to each other, so it requires a complete sync the first time you use  the web app.