Galaxy Tab Pro, cannot connect to Tablo

I have had a tablo since it was released. I only recently put the tablo app on a galaxy tab pro (kitkat). The table is connected using ethernet, the tablet is using wireless (of course). It can connect to the tablo using in a browser, it is just that the app doesn’t work. All of my other DIAL devices can connect fine to their devices (from a wired device to a wireless one). 

Is there a problem with my OS (android 4.4.2) or my tablo (2.18)?

Hi @grazman, what do you mean when you say the Tablo app doesn’t work on your tablet? Are you not able to detect your Tablo, connect to it, stream live TV, etc?

Your on a supported version of Android and the most recent firmware for your Tablo, so you have nothing to worry about there.

(the forum is difficult or impossible to post using something other than a computer, btw)

Actually, i had to change the tablo to the same vlan as the wireless tablet (whereas all other devices could connect to it, phone, pc, etc. where it was on its own vlan for streamign devices before). Once I did this the Tablet could connect. Upon changing the name of the TABLO, no other devices could connect to it except the tablet. 

All of the other devices could not find the new name, only the old one. They never connected to the old name either. 

Creating another user on the tablet with the tablo app causes the app to crash upon launch. Now it’s pretty much unusable and i would prefer to keep my recordings and not have to do a factory reset. 

I think there is a problem with the caching mechanism on board in the way it broadcasts its name. I don’t think this can be pinned to a browser (I’ve used 5 browsers between server devices and none could detect the new name, just the initial tablet account, several of the other browsers had never connected to the tablo before so they would not have an internal caching mechanism to know this. 

My Tablo is having an identity crisis.  

+1 grazman, this forum is even a pain on a computer :slight_smile: I have to launch my browser in desktop mode in order to manually bring up the on-screen keyboard to type this and must use a vertical orientation to get the text entry box visible above the keyboard. The irony is to great for me not to laugh… but since I compute while lying down instead of just when sitting on my butt (progress, right!?) laughing is probably the right expectation.

@Grazman - @TabloSupport will pop in to get your Tablo’s ‘identity crisis’ resolved. Stay tuned.

As for the forum not being mobile friendly, this is on the ‘to-do’ list as well as adding other functions like +1s and search.

@grazeman I’m confident we can sort this out - can you shoot me a ticket at