FYI - Support for Tablo LEGACY Roku Channel Ending Soon

Hi there Tablo fans!

As we mentioned in the announcement for the latest Roku channel update support for our old ‘Tablo Legacy’ Roku channel will be ending very soon.

Don’t worry, we will continue to support and update our current public Roku channel.

What Should I Do If I’m Still Using the Legacy Channel?
If you are still using the Tablo Legacy Channel (which uses a grey Tablo logo with the word ‘legacy’ below on the Roku home screen) you can now delete this channel and go to the Roku channel store to search for ‘Tablo’ to load the current public channel. This will not delete any of your recordings.

If you’re currently using the public channel (with the full color Tablo logo on a white background on the Roku home screen), no action is required on your part.

What’s Tablo Legacy? - A History Lesson
If you’re new to Tablo, you may have never used the Tablo Legacy channel on Roku. This was our very first foray on to the Roku platform and was coded using Roku’s template system. Because the template system allowed for very little customization, in November of 2015 we launched a new public Roku channel that was coded from scratch using Roku’s own programming language.

By building our own channel from the ground up, it allowed us to create the beautiful Roku channel you know and love today.

If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane, you can check out some before & after pictures on the Tablo blog.

RIP Tablo Legacy!