FYI - New Tablo QUAD HDMI Now Available

Hi folks -

ICYMI on social or the website, we have another new Tablo in the product family… The Tablo QUAD HDMI!

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I presently have the Tablo Dual HDMI. A couple of questions:

  1. To switch from the Dual to the Quad, I assume that I just move all of the cables; and no need to reformat my existing external hard disk?

  2. Is the turner in the Quad more sensitive than that in the Dual? For the Dual, one of my stations has a marginal signal level, so splitting it 4-ways would make it worse.

Thanks for your efforts, support, and great products,


I also presently have the Dual.

Is the quad using the same hardware with 2 additional tuners, or is the quad built on newer, faster hardware.

In other words, with the quad be faster than the Dual ??

You’ll need to use this process to transfer your database and recordings to the new Tablo:

The hardware is the same aside from the additional tuners. If you already have channels on the edge of the digital cliff, it likely wouldn’t help to have the additional splits.

Same hardware just two extra tuners. You can check out the full specs here:

Any sort of upgrade option for those of us who recently purchased the Dual HDMI? The Dual HDMI finally made watching sports on CBS tolerable. The Dual Lite (which I bought less than a year ago) with 1080i content was pretty much unwatchable for football. I could sure use the extra tuners for some syndicated shows we are recording to avoid conflicts.

Return it if within 30 days? Or sell it on eBay?

It’s been about 60 days. Don’t really want to put out the money for a new one then hope to sell the old one. This is our third Tablo in about a year. First the Dual Lite. Loved it except for 1080i sports. Wish that had been stated up front somewhere. Now the HDMI dual. It looks great with 1080i sports. Needed to do something before football playoffs and SuperBowl. (My TV’s tuner loses audio on CBS, and only CBS for some reason). Now the Quad HDMI came out. Sure would like the additional tuners for just $50 more. Just bad timing I guess on my part…

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