FYI - Many Chicago OTA Stations Down Due to Flooding

For Tablo users in the Chicagoland area… If you’re having trouble with reception on several of your channels this is due to the flooding at Willis Tower.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Because of a power outage at the Willis Tower, where CBS 2’s antenna is located, some viewers will not see our broadcast. Viewers can stream CBS 2 news content on our live player, CBSN.

In a statement, the station said: “Due to the effects of the severe storms, our ability to broadcast has been impacted. We are working with ComEd and the Willis Tower to restore our broadcast signal just as soon as possible. For all the latest local news check out our new 24/7 digital streaming service, CBSN Chicago. And thank you for your continued support of CBS 2 Chicago!”

Hopefully the power company, the building management, and the broadcasters can get things back up & running soon.