Full screen on an Android 4.0 tablet

Hi, I have an 13" Android 4.0 Toshiba tablet. Too old for the app, but I can still use the web (my.tablotv.com) to connect to tablo, do my scheduling and watch live or recorded shows. But the screen is not full. If I try to use full sreen I get an error saying it can't play.

I have followed the instruction to get full screen on a smartphone using the web app "On, Android select the menu bar and then select ‘Add to Home Screen’". When I start the web app with this newly created icon and try to wacht a live or recorded show I get the same error.

Is there another way to watch full screen on a Android 4.0 tablet? or does anybody knows why full screen doesn't work on the web page?

I have tried both Chrome and Chrome beta with the same results.