Frustrated with Tablo and Xfinity

This happens about every 3 or 4 mths, and it takes forever to get my Tablo back up. Please help me trying to find a shortcut to my problem. I was watching tv through Tablo and it just froze, then it said there was no Tablo. So I reset the main router, as Tablo is run through wifi. I reset the Tablo by disconnecting the power. I reset the Tablo via the blue reset button, the short version and the long version, wiping out my recordings. The xfinity router has dchp enabled. The blue light is solid on the Tablo, after all the resets. I can access Tablo via my phone app. But when I turn on the app on the tv, it says no Tablo. I can view all the other apps on the tv ok. Why cannot I view Tablo on my tv and how do I fix it?

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