Frustrated, thinking about returning - DVR Not Found and re-loading issues daily

New to Tablo, using the Dual Lite. Yesterday morning I got the DVR Not Found error for the 2nd time in my first week of use, had to reset to get it working. This morning I got a spinning loader every few seconds with a gray screen on Roku Stick+ and freezing video on Android. We have 5 dots/full signal on all channels (about 25 miles from towers using CM4228 antenna) and I use Eero Mesh Wifi system with rock solid connection throughout the house.

I’ve turned the unit on its side and have ordered a laptop cooling fan for it as it was very hot when I got the Not Found error. I’ve reached out to support (yesterday) but haven’t had a reply yet.

I like the idea of Tablo a great deal, but it has not been reliable yet and my wife wants me to get rid of it. Any other suggestions before we take it back?

You may find this as an interesting read. I don’t have a mesh wifi network so i can’t really help. sorry.

Ah yes, I remember this well. I had similar issues back in the day with my Tablo and Chromcast/Roku Stick players. In the end I gave up cause my WiFi was rock solid and no matter what I would do it would respond as you noted. I eventually gave up and hard wired my Tablo and use SurLaTablo to extract content to my Plex media server.

One suggestion to try is to not use WiFi for the Tablo but connect it via a Wired cable. There is a chance that if your are using WiFi for both the Tablo and the players you could be over burdening the WiFi.

My $.02

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Thanks for the replies - nothing from Tablo support team yet on either issue. One of their social media folks on Reddit said there might be a router setting to adjust but wasn’t specific.

FWIW - I don’t find any of the observations about Mesh networks in that blog post to be accurate. I’ve been running Eero since 2015 and have rock solid wifi signal, no issues with WAN discovery, and only very rarely see devices holding on to anything but the strongest access point and even then that resolves quickly. For anyone with a large footprint (in my case I have 4 floors of living space to cover between a finished basement and attic) Eero has been a life changer - we don’t think about wifi anymore.

I can try wiring the Tablo to my router, but the wifi should work.

Yes, and Chromecast should work too. Lots of things “should” work but as we all know there is should and reality.

Tablo should defninetly be wired and I hated roku sticks / chromecast, it’s worth investing in a Roku box or ATV4+ if you want the full experience, loading please wait free.

Which wireless mode and frequency was the Tablo using?..
g @ 2.4GHz
n @ 2.4GHz (mine drops off the net using this one)
n @ 5.0Ghz

I and others have no problem on g.

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Is that something I can check or control in the Tablo?

In digging through my Eero logs, the Tablo is the worst offender of jumping between access points. It has an access point 20 feet away on the attic level, but seems to jump to the basement access point 4 floors down.

Have you set up a DHCP reservation for Tablo?

Wireless n @ 5.0Ghz Setup here with no issues…

I’m assuming you’re responding to my question regarding which wireless mode and frequency the Tablo is using.

The Tablo can connect to a wireless network via…
wireless-g @ 2.4GHz
wireless-n @ 2.4GHz
wireless-n @ 5.0 GHz

You control which wireless SSID (router or access point) Tablo connects to from the Tablo.
Let’s say the Tablo connects to a wireless router broadcasting an SSID of ‘Frankie’.
If that router SSID is set to wireless-n mode @ 2.4GHz, I have experienced the Tablo disappearing from the network at least once per day.

My dual band wireless router broadcasts 2 SSIDs:
RadicalG - wireless-g @ 2.4GHz
RadicalN - wireless-n @ 5.0GHz

The Tablo connecting to either of those SSIDs won’t disappear from the network.

The following caused the Tablo to daily disappear from the network when connecting to ‘RadicalG’ SSID:
RadicalG - wireless-g and wireless-n (a.k.a. Any) @ 2.4GHz
RadicalN - wireless-n @ 5.0GHz

The Tablo connects to a 2.4GHz frequency, and selects the highest wireless mode available from the wireless router or access point.
In this case, it chose wireless-n, which causes the problem.

No DHCP reservation but it seems to be holding the same IP address as out of home does work with port forwarding. I think the most likely problem is that the the Tablo is jumping between access points like crazy, for no apparent reason. Going to try to hard wire it and tweak my Eero placements.

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