Frontier Gateway NVG468 remote access

Is anyone using an Arris NVG468 gateway router to remote access your Tablo? My ISP (Frontier) wants to switch me to this router (away from my Archer C7). I have not made the switch and will not until I determine that remote access is possible.

Reviews I’ve seen on the Arris model lead me to believe that the wifi performance will be weaker, as the Arris lacks external antennas. This is not a big issue, as I have wifi access points throughout the house. The Arris wifi only needs to cover about 200 sq ft on one floor.

Any help would be appreciated if you’ve successfully used this router for remote access.

Why can you put the ISP modem / router in bridge mode and use your Archer router?

Thanks for the response. Actually, I want to keep my Archer C7 as the main router. The ISP is working with me to troubleshoot where my bandwidth “disappears” to. They want their router to be the prime router, and the configuration is very different from what I’ve previously seen. I was trying to reduce the amount of time the family was giving me “long looks” as I switched over.

Actually, though, it may not be necessary, all signs pointed to a defective RJ45 jack, that would sometimes deliver 2 good pairs, sometimes 4 good pairs, based on time of day (because of the sun heating the jack). Tried it with 4 different cables, running the cable straight to a laptop without a router. I was amazed to see the effect of even a slight touch on the cable. Replaced the TELCO-installed jack and it is working solidly. Level 3 tech support confirmed that this had been seen before, and they offered a truck-run. Family is very happy!

Most telephone jacks are RJ11 for DSL internet. Your internet comes into the house as RJ45 before it goes to the modem?

The fiber optic ONT provides an RJ45 jack and CAT 6 cable is used to bring service into the house. The telco provides one RJ45 outlet in the home that can be used directly, without a router for testing purposes. The telco also provides a wifi router. My telco provides a high-speed capable Arris NVG468 for all installs above 150 mbs. (Lower speed installs use a less-capable model). The Arris device is optimized for telcos, providing a lot of remotely accessible info to them. It is also somewhat limited in the settings provided to the end user, and is provided with zero documentation. While it has a dual-core 1.5 ghz CPU, it is limited in memory, and has a smallish DHCP reservation table and offers very awkward port forwarding. Plus, it would take several hours to “cut over” my settings from the current Archer C7 to the Arris unit, as the new unit uses proprietary (and undocumented) terminology.

I was hoping to tap into the experience of a Tablo user who worked through this challenge, with the goal of reducing “family disappointment time” while I worked through the change over.

(The phone company wants me to replace the Archer C7 with their unit, so they can collect the diagnostic info over time, using automated tools. This would mean that I would lose my port forwards for Tablo, Plex, my thermostat, and lighting control system.)

By serendipity, I located the problem in the installation while looking through the options on the Arris router. Testing on a laptop at the outside ONT interface showed solid 480 mbs up/480 mbs down service, dropping only slightly during “prime time”. Testing inside at the jack showed that the jack was inconsistently making a connection on all 4 pairs of conductors. Replaced the telco-installed jack and it now provides full rated speed through the Archer router.

I do appreciate your kind reply. You were a tremendous help to me when my first Tablo arrived, in getting the port forwards set up for remote access. Your patience with this nooby is much appreciated!

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