From where are Tablos?

where are the nuvyyo tablo built and assembled

No idea. Does it matter if it works?


Originally it seem they were made “in house”

I heard they were manufactured by a large number of elves and cobblers in Santa’s workshop at the North Pole.


If you don’t know DON’T ANSWER


Thanks for the answer to the question.

This question has been answered a number of times in this forum.

Different models may be manufactured by different companies at different locations.

The last answer even included that shipping by sea took 10-15 days.

Since all tablo models contain WiFi they have to be approved by the FCC. So all of this information is available there. Even pictures.

If you don’t know, DON’T POST… search the forum lol

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GEE ZIPPY that is so swell of you to answer the question. Again after it had already been answered.

How hard can it be to google “fcc nuvyyo”

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Here is the photo FCC application for the HDMI label.

Ot maybe the various addresses in the test report.

Or maybe the internal photos.

Google is wonderful.

Made In China, the company is Canadian.