Frequent Roku buffering

Lately my experience has been less than ideal. We have 3-4 TVs and Rokus and all experience buffering. The main TV, with a Roku 3, has been kicking me back to the guide when watching live TV, or the episode screen if watching a recording. The Roku LED will flash when this happens. I rebooted both the Tablo and Roku, it did not help. Today I pulled the plug on the Roku to see if it would help. But in the meantime I discovered there is a Tablo app for Kodi! Watching a football game with it now, so far it’s flawless, and have to say the picture quality is much better than the Roku! Too bad the Roku is so popular, and is so sensitive when it comes to buffering. I gotta think developers shudder at having to write apps for it and being blamed when the hardware is more than likely the issue.

Suggestion - get a Mi and try it on one of the TVs. If it works for you, replace others as your finances allow. Roku seems to be right before worst imho right before Chromecast for Tablo.

What kind of router do you have? Does it support 802.11 AC?

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Yes, AC router. And all Rokus are hardwired not wifi.

Hard wired through a switch or directly to a router?

both. one into the router, the others into a switch

Try WiFi then. There was a time WiFi was better. Problem might just be Roku and it is really to bad it was at the top of recommended devices.

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It is the most popular unfortunately. I don’t think the Roku 3 is ac capable is it?

It’s not.
The Roku 4 is.

And the Mi is.

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I have been having similar issue. I’ve rebooted my router, roku Stick and my tablo. Seemed to work for a while then starts again.