French and English TV program mixed up

Hi Tablo

I recently bought a Tablo. Very satisfied so far, great product.

The TV guide annoys me with how it list TV programs. I live in Ottawa/Gatineau, where I get many French and English channels.

Many TV shows are broadcasted in both French and English. With a standard EPG guide, they get advertized as distinct shows. On my Tablo, they appear the same.

A few examples:
“Paw Patrol” and “La Patte Patrouille” are both listed as “La Patte Patrouille”. I get to record all shows in both French and English even if I am only interested in one language.
“Chirp” is broadcasted both in French and English. I get all shows, but I am only interested in one language.

This is happening a lot with kids shows.

Is Tablo trying to be too smart with multi-language shows?

No, but their guide data provider probably is.
Open a support ticket, and Tablo will contact their guide data provider to fix it:

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