Freeze during playback

On certain shows (such as “The Masked Singer”) I get the “circle of death” during playback of recording from a prior day. I have enabled comskip, which works flawlessly for most shows(providing I wait long enough for processing). I can recover by going back and resume. I can’t be sure, but I believe it hangs at/during the comskip.

What playback device? Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV?

Tablo Dual HDMI and Roku TV

If the freezing only in the Tablo channel on the Roku? If yes it could be a buffering problem as the DUAL HDMI records at a very high bitrate. In house streaming from an HDMI DVR requires a very strong / good internal network.

What happens if you watch directly on the DUAL HDMI?

Just to be clear, the Dual HDMI IS connected directly to the Roku TV HDMI input. My network is gigabit ethernet to the modem. I do not stream to any other devices.

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