Fragmented recordings & constant reconnecting message

I just got the dual lite a few weeks ago. Everything was working fine.

In the last 24 hours every recording, from every channel, becomes fragmented. The knowledge base suggests this is due to a poor signal or failing drive. All the channels I’ve tried I have constant strong signals on. The drive is brand new.

I’m also getting constant “reconnecting to …” messages when using the Roku interface, even when I’m not watching live TV or a recording. Just browsing the grid or scheduled recordings often cause the “reconnecting to …” message.

It’s no longer usable.

Reboot your router. Reboot your Tablo. Reboot your Roku.

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Seems the device reboots every 3 minutes almost exactly.

Try running the Tablo with no HD, see if the problem goes away (could point to a HD problem).

You won’t be able to record anything, or watch any prerecorded shows, but Live TV will still work.

Removing the drive might worth a test. I can see that you’ve filed a ticket with our team as well - they should be in touch today.