Fox Weather? 13,14,15

Any chance this is coming soon to Tablo? This is a free channel available on most free services. I can receive it OTA–but the picture is fuzzy and would like to get the Internet version.

Kinda curious and I don’t know how to word this right, so don’t take this the wrong way.

Why would you want to record a weather channel?

Almost certainly not. The streaming channels that the Gen4 units support are all owned by Scripps, who also own Tablo. So if it’s not a Scripps channel, don’t expect it.

I didn’t know Scripps owned AMC and IFC.

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Hmm. I thought it was only Scripps channels, but I don’t have a Gen4 myself.

I don’t know who owns what and I have no interest in doing the research, but I can say that I’ve seen a Scripps or Tablo ad on pretty much every FAST channel I’ve watched/recorded.

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Not interested in recording it–I would just like to view the channel along with lives in the same interface.