Fox not showing in scan in San Diego

Used to get Fox. Now not. Recanned - no luck. Tried reorienting my roof top antenna and rescanning - did it five times - no luck. How do I get Fox in San Diego on Tablo?

I still get Fox 5 on all my devices. If you get NBC, PBS, KUSI you should get Fox 5. They are all UHF, approximately the same power, and transmit from the same location.

Fox 5 doesn’t use translators. San Diego is a big county so who knows where you are. I would check again. maybe they were messing with the signal.

You can use this link to help determine your stations reception based on your address / location:

I will also show you the suggested directions for each channel you should be pointing your antenna.

Can you post the link you see after entering your location (no worries, it will show only an approximation of where you actually are.)?

Your link should similar to this one: