FOX comes in via Antenna Not via Tablo

Only after I remove the coax cable from Tablo and screw in directly into my TV then rescan the channels are we able to watch the FOX channel. On Tablotv’s website it shows all green for being able to watch FOX via Tablo, however it doesn’t show up after I scan and add to the channel lineup. Any suggestions? TY, Marla

After a channel scan of the Tablo, make certain all channels you want to watch have a check mark in the box next to the channel. Then add channels to the Guide.

Maria, did you get this figured out? I’m having the same issue. All channels available in NYC are visible and available to add except our local Fox station, which is 5.1. If I plug my antenna directly into my TV it works perfectly. Thanks.

@red Do you see the FOX station in the list of stations when you go to EDIT CHANNEL LINEUP? Or does it not appear in the scan?

It doesn’t appear in the scan. I’ll add that googling this, it looks like they changed frequencies last August. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Could very well be, especially if the station moved to a VHF frequency and your antenna isn’t designed to pick it up.

I can pick it up using the antenna with both my LG and Samsung TVs directly. I also get every other station listed as available for DTV over the air. My antenna picks up VHF:

@red Were you ever able to get this station? How far away are you from your local towers?

Are you splitting the signal from your antenna between your Tablo and your TVs? If so, can you try removing the connection to the TVs temporarily?

Yes, as I said, I can pick it up on any of my three TVs if I connect the antenna directly to them. I’m not splitting the signal, the new coax comes directly down from my attic into the Tablo. I’m only about 2 miles from the Fox station tower.

Yowza! That beast of an antenna may be the culprit then. You may be overloading the tuners.

A much less powerful antenna and/or an attenuator may help:

I live in Manhattan. All of the towers are within a few miles, tops. I use that antenna because I’m surrounded by 50+ story buildings. In fact I’m pretty sure ABC and Fox both use the same tower. And the GE/NBC tower is only a few blocks from me and it works fine. Why would the antenna overload just that one channel, out of 70+ I can receive, and only on the Tablo and not any other devices that I’ve used for years (though the Lg tv is new, the two Samsung TVs I’ve had for 5 year+)? I have a smaller antenna I can try tonight, but I highly doubt that’s the issue…

hi red. That is quite an antenna alright and I understand your reason for using it. But I’d try an attenuator “pads” before changing the antenna, various values, 1 db, 2db, 3db, 5db, 7db, 10db - it’s easy to combine them serially together to try different values, . The issue also sounds a bit like a channel mapping problem could be involved. Probably not, but easy to eliminate that possibility of course. Possibly consider to try rescanning after every time you change anything relating to antenna. One answer to your good question “why” is that Fox’s new frequency could result in more tuner input overload then Fox’s old frequency even if transmit power and receiver gain were held constant (and they probably weren’t). Trying a different or omnidirectional antenna is a good idea too. The best thing to swap is the tuner as you have done and demonstrated Tablo tuner oddball behavior. But maybe get a tuner that shows real dB levels such as an HD homerun and you will see your signal is way “hot”. I actually have a guy in Manhattan who has a bunch of my spare equipment including an HD homerun so maybe loaner can be arranged. Or maybe you can grab one on ebay. Tablos rock but HD homeruns are better for deep-diagnosing an antenna setup.

I get MY4 (a local sub channel of nbc) instead of fox 23 on the tablo. If I switch to the antenna without the tablo I get Fox 23. The list shows that it is Fox 23 but the programming is from my4. Extremely annoying when you think you have recorded the Giants game and you get the People’s Court instead. Is anyone else having this problem? It has nothing to do with antennas as I am out in the country far away from the towers. The Fox 23 signal is plenty strong enough and comes in fine over regular antenna, the tablo is the culprit.

Have you run a recent channel scan on the Tablo and saved it?