Fox 44.1 Montreal

I am not able to get 44.1 Fox to be found when scanning. I know that this channel has received great reception with my TV, so the antennae should be able to view it. Is it possible it’s just not showing up for some reason? All the other channels are loading with almost all green dots! I am from Montreal Quebec

  1. So with the coaxial cable from the OTA antenna connected directly to your HDTV the tuner in the HDTV can pick up this channel?
    2. Now that you have a Tablo, have you split the coaxial cable to service both the Tablo and your HDTV? Or is the cable going directly into the Tablo?
    3. Have you just tried re-scanning on the Tablo?

1 no
2 yes i have a split coaxial cable
3 yes

If you answered No to Q1 then with the cable split do you get the channel on your HDTV?

The only reason I ask is because if the channel works fine on the HDTV but cuts in and out on the Tablo it is because the Tablo has an unamplified splitter to supply the 2 tuners. This means there is too much signal loss from the 2 splitters, each time a coaxial cable is split you lose about 3.5 db.