FOX-35, WOFL, Orlando

I think I get in trouble if i resurrect an old topic, so I’m making this new…

Are there any of you having reception problems with FOX-35, WOFL, Orlando ( old RF=22, now RF=33 ) ?

Got this …

We are currently broadcasting from our lower power backup transmitter location due to a technical issue that occurred with our main transmitter. This is most likely causing the reception issue at your location. Repair is anticipated to be completed today if all goes as planned.


This doesn’t appear to be resolved yet. Still no reception.

I emailed, but no response yet. I tried earlier in the day to email, but looks like I typod the email previously

What area do you live in?

Reception now good in Malabar, FL

I live in Winter Springs/Oviedo and I’m getting Fox and BUZZR great. I’m having issues with Antenna TV on 10.6. I know it’s a low power, but I’m 10 miles from the tower and if I attach the antenna directly to the TV, the signal is 100% and the dBm is -32.