Forum Search and Complete Manual

Could you please have a search feature in the forum (unless you do and I am blind).  Also, is someone going to start a complete user manual complete with how to do everything that is dynamically updated?  My wife and I are sitting here and finding shows in ROKU is very clunky.  Plus, are you only able to see today and the next day. I realize this is going to get some getting use to, the more documentation we can easily get to on your website the better.

Hi @tremjo - We’ve got a user guide in our knowledge base right now and we’re always adding things to it. 

We do need to add a specific section on Roku though:

And we’ll see about adding a search on the forum! 

Yes, I saw this manual and it was probably the lack of ROKU documentation that motivated me to mention it.

@tremjo - It’s on the ‘to-do’ list! We’re hoping to add to our support team shortly so we’ll have someone to manage the Knowledge Base full time.