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@TabloTV is there anything on the roadmap to delineate the forum based on legacy vs 4th gen topics? If not, perhaps new forum categories (ex. “Legacy Support andTroubleshooting” ). Might eliminate having to type “4th Gen in all of the post titles that apply to those devices if there is no other way to filter based on the old system vs. the new in order to reduce what we choose to view (if we could so choose)


I like what you said, but thinking about it, this is a real big mess.

Eventually, the ancient legacy “old world” users will “die out”. At this point, that might be they only way it can be handled.

Or maybe the gen 4 will die but all legacy users will be forced to use the new app. Yikes the apocalypse.

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Sure, but new users or even legacy user were able to distinguish the different names or realize the different devices everyone has for options.

“My tablo doesn’t work” means everything to so many users. A 4-tuner is vs a Quad… well it has four tuners which might have an HDMI port.

I have the square one, I tried to connect it to my TV but it didn’t do anything. Do I use the cable connector or the network cable to hook it up?

how do you distinguish the new app on gen 4 and the new app on legacy. Which features and functions are different or don’t seem to work the same or maybe missing on each app roku, ios, android.

Not something that has to be dealt with yet since the legacy models don’t support the new app yet. :slight_smile:

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